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Shark Dream

Dreaming Is Fun

A Shark Comes Out of the Water

Shark Onto Land

Its Not Pretty

Shark Finds Blanket

Shark Can I Have a DollarShark Something TranspiresShark At The Bed

Shark The End


Driving in a snowstorm: AHM INNA TRUCK

Ahm Inna Truck Color Header

Driving in a snowstorm would be mostly quite un-dangerous, if everyone would obey two simple rules of precaution.

Ahm Inna Truck Color How To Drive

What makes winter driving dangerous are those few people who don’t follow the above recommendations.  What I’ve noticed is that a large percentage of those drivers are in a pickup truck.

Ahm Inna Truck Color Fuck Yeah

Of course, not all pickup drivers are jerks when it comes to driving in a snowstorm.  Only about 94% of them.

They seem to think they can do things regular cars can’t.   To be fair, sometimes that is true.  However, just because you are in a vehicle that can go better in the snow, it doesn’t cancel out the existence of all the other cars on the road that can’t.   EVERYTHING slows down in a storm, but pickup drivers seem unwilling to accept this.

Ahm Inna Truck Color Speed Expectations

And so the rest of us, in our  economical, fuel-efficient, eco-friendly, tiny, emasculated wussy-mobiles must deal with the inevitable frustrations and heart-attack-inducing antics of the truck drivers.

You’re driving along in the snowstorm, la-dee-da, everything is going swimmingly…

Ahm Inna Truck Color Rearview Mirror 1

When suddenly, out of nowhere, your rearview mirror is blinding you with the light of a thousand curse words (if curse words were bioluminescent).

Ahm Inna Truck Color Rearview Mirror 2

And so it goes.

Ahm Inna Truck y u no go

Ahm Inna Truck Color Bigger Hurry

Ahm Inna Truck Color Better than you

Ahm Inna Truck Color Pull Out

Ahm Inna Truck Color Physics

Ahm Inna Truck Color Highway

Ahm Inna Truck Color Penis Traction

Ahm Inna Truck Color Invincible

But take heart, speed-limit-obeying-compact-car drivers. 


Because while many of the inconsiderate jerks driving in a storm are in a truck, so are most of the drivers you see skidded off the side of the road in a ditch.

Ahm Inna Truck Color haha